Size Mismatch Between Header Bidding Placement ID and Ad Requested. Here’s How To Fix It.

The size configured for the Header Bidding Placement ID or parameter doesn’t match the ad size being requested.


Step 1: Log into Ad Manager > Inventory > Ad Units

Step 2: Search for the ad unit/s and check if you have the correct ad size/s in the settings. Edit and make corrections if necessary.

Ad Unit size

Step 3: Cross-check the ad sizes configured for each ad unit versus the ad sizes in Ad Manager

ad unit

Step 4: If you have an ON-page setup, audit the ad sizes defined in your source code. Make corrections if necessary.

defineslot code

Step 5: If you have Size Mapping enabled, add the relevant Bidder-level size/s in your Header Bidding configuration:

Appnexus bidder

Step 6: Audit the Placement ID’s or parameters configured for each bidder to make sure they match the Ad Unit sizes.

pulsepoint bidder

Step 7: Re-run PubGuruAI after making changes and see if the error persists. If yes:

For some bidders, you can log into their user interface and check the settings.

placement details

If you’re unable to do so, reach out to your ad representative to have them re-check the issue.

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