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Last updated: September 19, 2019 | by Kean Graham
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This post was most recently updated on September 19th, 2019

Rejection can be really disappointing, especially when you are looking into having your website exposed to a numerous pool of advertisers globally, and at the same time earning more. There will be different reactions when I say that AdSense can provide this, but the truth is – they are at the moment the most decent if not the best ad network out there.

While our previous post discusses the Top AdSense Ad Violations, in this article, we will be touching all the possible angles that you may want to check and comply with before sending an AdSense application.

On website age

Note that your site age matters, as well as your age. Google requires sites that are 6 months old and above and applicants’ age of at least 18 years old

On content

Content does not only focus on keeping your website family-safe by staying away from prohibited content such as adult and/or mature content as well as political sites and blogs and those that encourage extreme beliefs that lead them to commit hate speech attacking personalities, groups, religion, and institutions.
We also greatly suggest looking into the checklist below to make sure you comply with Google’s content guidelines.

On copyright infringement & counterfeit goods

Any original content on the web is protected by copyright law. Google complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).  For the most part, as publishers, you are not allowed to offer mainstream entertainment such as television shows, movies, and popular music on your site. Bottom line, Google will not run AdSense ads together with the copyrighted material that violates copyright laws.

On the other hand, once a content entered a public domain and is a factual material, publishers will be allowed to run Google ads alongside them.  Here are the program policies if you like to go into detail. You may report any infringements by using this form or by clicking on the AdChoices icon.

Moreover, be very careful about putting a trademark and/or logo of another brand or product in your site. Be very aware that you cannot mimic the brand features of the original in an attempt to look genuine. Your site will be branded under the violation of the counterfeit good.

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On ads implementation, automation and layout

In this section, Google is more likely keen on how publishers do their ad placements. While publishers have their own idea of how they’d like to have their website appear and where ads would show up, Google, of course, has its own standards that website owners need to comply with.

We are definitely sure that they are looking and that they can track each website’s layout whether you are still applying for them or you are already with AdSense/Ad exchange. They can monitor it one way or another, maybe not soon but later. We greatly advise to follow their ad placement policies and that includes the misuse of iframe ads.

AdSense also has strict guidelines on invalid activity. Whether it be invalid clicks, automated bot traffic or any manipulation of how ads are served, these are all subject to your site rejection. They have listed common reasons for ads automation violations and are clear into what are considered invalid activity. Kindly check policy violations.

On unsupported language

At the moment, there are only 36 languages that Google supports.  Check for the  36 languages here.  As publishers, should your site be in another language, it should automatically be translated by Google Chrome (a notification will show up if Google allows you to translate the language). Please make sure that you unblock the translation function and for the most part fix the issue immediately.

If the language isn’t translatable, then the language is not supported by AdSense at the moment.

We may have noted the top ad violations in our previous article however,  you will have to consider everything written here as you apply for AdSense and Ad Exchange for a clear understanding of why your site might be rejected or why your ad serving might be disabled.

Monetizemore is more than willing to help you on how to avoid these Adsense violations at the same time help you maintain a clean and Google TOS-compliant site. Please contact us so we can start keeping your site safe from rejection or any ads disabling while you earn more revenue.

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