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Grow your ad revenue by up to an 50% by integrating PubGuru®, our state-of-the-art ad optimization platform. Get your long-term RPMs to the maximum via our high-quality demand sources.

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Introducing PubGuru®, a programmatic ad management platform built for publishers, we aim to maximize your ad earnings long-term, without disrupting the audience’s experience.

Pubguru Platform

Gain Actionable Insights

Leverage your monetization game with our world-class programmatic ads management platform.

  • Compare your ad revenue across ad networks, web pages, and custom UTM values like utm_campaign
  • Identify revenue discrepancies and take action quickly.
  • Auto-optimize your ad accounts with our AI-powered Smart Notification
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Reach Premium Ad

Reach Premium Ad Networks

Get access to our exclusive Premium Ad Networks partnerships and expand the reach for your ad inventory. MonetizeMore will get better revenue shares and payment terms, save you time and get you access to exclusive ad networks that require billions of ad impressions per month.

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Prevent Invalid Traffic

Our award-winning Traffic Cop will block even sophisticated Invalid Traffic (IVT) from interacting with your ad impressions. Using machine learning and fingerprinting algorithms, Traffic Cop will save you a lot of unpaid revenue and prevent your ad account from being suspended by ad networks like Adsense.

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100% Ownership & Transparency

Get exclusive tweaks for your ad account to maximize your ad revenue with our team of industry experts.

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Never miss an opportunity to get the highest pricing floor possible with Pubguru®'s AI-powered pricing floor mechanism.

Dedicated Customer Support

Get support 24/7 via email regarding technical, ad optimization, and business concerns.

MonetizeMore has taken all the monetization process into their hands, giving us more time to focus on what’s most important – our own website. MM has attracted premium advertisers and increased our earnings by 87%.”

Tomas Banisauskas

Founder of

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Monetizemore offer versatile options to businesses with different shapes and sizes.

Avg Revenue Lift
*Require monthly revenue to be $5,000 minimum
  • Ad Exchange Access & Optimization
  • All Standard IAB Ad Units
  • Optimal GAM Integration
  • Manage Ad Partners
  • Email Support
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • PubGuru® Header Bidding
  • Discrepancy Optimization
  • Video Header Bidding
  • AdSense Optimization
  • AdX Dynamic Price Floors Driven by AI
  • 24 hr Email Support
  • Customer Success Manager


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