Premium Publisher Plan

Behind every great professional sports player, is an agent. An agent is an expert at increasing the athlete’s profitability and is in charge of securing their long term viability. Using his network connections, an agent makes sure the athlete gets the best contract terms or sponsorship deals possible, as well as protecting him from looming threats. This allows the athlete to concentrate on what he does best, while the agent, focuses on what an agent does best.

MonetizeMore is the agent for premium publishers (AKA. Professional publishers).MonetizeMore takes premium publishers under its wing and provides the following:

  • Superior ad optimization results via proprietary techniques and technology
  • Exclusive access to premium ad networks
  • Better revenue shares from leveraging MonetizeMore’s publisher network
  • Access to MonetizeMore’s all-star partners with exclusive offers (eg. web servers, fraud traffic suppression, SEO)
  • Free ad server (DoubleClick for Publishers) implementation
  • Implementation of new revenue streams at your discretion
  • Get closer to Google via MonetizeMore’s certified partnership with Google
  • Constant ad quality assurance
  • Revenue-share pricing model

MonetizeMore walks through walls for its publisher partners. That is why so many premium publishers have been with MonetizeMore for 3+ years and counting. MonetizeMore provides great ad optimization results, access to incredible partners to help increase ad revenues indirectly and secures the long term viability of the premium publisher by preventing negative effects on usability or any potential Google bans. Meanwhile, the premium publisher can focus on what they do best like content generation, building a community, traffic generation and/or building new websites.

You’ve worked far too hard to miss out on your potential. If you’re hitting at least 20 million page views per month, you’re at premium status. You’re now in the big leagues. Time to step it up and get yourself a MonetizeMore agent.

Learn more about MonetizeMore and our industry-leading outsourced ad optimization service here.

Apply as a Premium Publisher

“Before outsourcing to MonetizeMore, we used to spend a lot of time negotiating with separate advertisers, calculating and comparing what’s best. Luckily, MM has taken all the monetization process into their hands, giving us more time to focus on what’s most important – our own website. MM has attracted premium advertisers and increased our earnings by 87%.” Tomas Banisauskas

Founder, BoredPanda.com

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