Your Account Is Not Showing Impressions From DFP. Here’s What To Do

Reason: Publisher might have disabled header bidding from the site or implementation is wrong.

Step 1: Check the status of the MonetizeMore Header Bidding orders and line items on DFP. They have to be marked as ‘Ready’ or ‘Delivering’.

line items

Step 2: Append the URL with ?googfc. Under Page Requests, you should see targeting attributes that contain ‘m2_xxxx’

page request bidder list

Step 3: Check the source code of the site and look for the MonetizeMore Header Bidding script (Open the website > Right click > View Page Source)

Step 4: Search for “m2hb” or “m2d”. You should see the on-page or off-page codes in the header of the page.

Step 5: Audit Div IDs/Slot IDs

view page source screenshot

Step 6: Use CTRL+F to find all the mentions of “defineslot” in the page to locate the header tags (applicable if on-page)


Step 7: Use CTRL + F to find the slot ID/div ID

Step 8: On-page setup – If you see in your results that you have 3 matches of the slot ID/div ID within the page (1 on the header, 2 on the body) then that means the div id is set up properly.

div code

Step 9: Off-page setup – You should see at least 1 result in the body

off page code

Step 10: If everything looks good, but there are still no impressions on DFP please contact our adops engineering department here.

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