New changes to impact Custom search style experiments in AdSense

New changes to impact Custom search style experiments in AdSense

On May 10, 2021, publishers will not be able to create Custom search style experiments via AdSense. The update will be explicitly focused on Related search styles. Also, if you are running any experiments on related search styles on that date, the experiment will stop automatically.

The change might be due to some error or bug within the system or the AdSense team trying to improve the experiment functionality.

Publishers don’t need to be concerned as the goal is for the AdSense team to bring the functionality back within two months in July 2021. Publishers can still create other style related experiments in AdSense for different types of ads.

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You can read more about the update here:

Not sure what Custom search ads are? Here’s a quick rundown

Custom search ads help you monetize search results pages within your own website. Publishers need to sign up for Custom search ads and have their site reviewed before running these ads.

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What’s great about this ad type is the fact that it generally improves user experience. Once a user uses the search function on your site, they are presented with a list of search results from your website and AdSense.

Your users get to see highly related ads, and you also can generate more ad revenue. This ad is also fully customizable. You can run experiments to optimize the best style and various elements within the ad.

The ad can also be displayed in various ways, such as before, after, or in between your search results.

What can you do to earn more from AdSense?

To some publishers, the thought of earning more AdSense ad revenue from their existing traffic might be a foreign concept. We’re here to tell you that increasing your website traffic is not the only way to increase ad revenue. Sure, it generally leads to more ad revenue, but most of the time, publishers are missing out just because they aren’t optimizing their AdSense ads correctly with existing traffic.

It could be the fact that you are not using an optimal ad layout. Or, you’re not using the correct ad units and missing out on opportunities to monetize your traffic with ad units, such as with Custom search ads.

We know this is an issue many publishers face and have created an online video course to help publishers master AdSense and increase their ad revenue. It’s called PubGuru University School Of AdSense. In it, we teach you the exact techniques we use to optimize AdSense ads for our publisher partners.

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