New Ad Units and Sizes to Watch out for in 2015

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mobile siteWe’ve seen exciting additions to our usual ad units and sizes in 2014. Last year, there were new offerings from various ad networks – from native ads, new mobile sizes, and Google coming out with their responsive ad units.

This year, let’s take a look at some of the current trends in terms of ad units and sizes and realize how each will take part in our ad strategy in 2015.

1) Twitter’s video ad units

The social networking site is about to launch its native video feature which they have planned out as early as November 2014. In line with that, they are developing a  new video ad unit to support the aforementioned feature.

Details of the cost and charges to advertisers are yet to be finalized but will most likely go with “pay-for-play”. It is said that it will have a six-second preview to the users feed giving the option to click to view the entire video.

2) Yahoo’s new native ads

Native advertising will continue to grow part in Yahoo as they plan to introduce “highly interactive” native ad units which they intend to roll out before the year ends. This is part of the development that came after launching “Yahoo Gemini,” last February 2014. This ad marketplace brings both mobile search and native ads and is promising in performance.

3) Adsense’ responsive and custom ad sizes

With Google’s thrust in keeping user-experience optimum, they’ve been great at offering new custom and responsive ad units that aim to help publishers earn more from a well-engaged audience.

Responsive Ad Units

As its name suggests, the ad unit responds to the page layout of responsive websites. The required size is dynamically calculated based on the width of the ad unit’s parent container, then it determines what’s the best standard height to go with that width. Bottom line, this provides better ad experience for users of different platforms.

Custom-size Ad Units

A lot more custom ad unit sizes are available which will give publishers more flexibility in terms of designing ads to cater to the audience’s needs. There are now 434,216 new ad unit options that publishers can choose from.

New Ad Sizes

The publisher says that new, larger ad formats provide a great canvas for rich creatives and perform well on many sites. This is probably the reason why new ad sizes are in such as the new Billboard (970 x 250) and Portrait (300 x 1050) ad unit sizes.

Both serve standard text and image ads and can show similar-sized image ads such as a 300 x 250 ad would serve in the 970 x 250.

Let’s get started in experimenting with new ad units and sizes for your desktop and mobile sites. Contact us to begin today.

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