New Ad Revenue Stream: In-Text & In-Image Advertising

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Last updated: September 17, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on September 17th, 2019

In-image and in-screen advertising is a completely new revenue stream that does not cannibalize the current advertisements running on your site. It is well-optimized and requires less than a minute to implement. That’s a pretty quick and easy way to earn more money.

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Source: GumGum

There are two options for implementing the codes:

  1. Via an ad server (e.g. DoubleClick for Publishers)
  2. Embedding the code directly into your website

Option 1: Ad server implementation

  1. Under the ‘Inventory’ tab, create a new ad unit — size should be 1×1. The purpose of the 1×1 ad unit is to insert ad tag/codes into the site via DFP.
  2. Create an order under which you will create a sponsorship line item.
  3. Create a sponsorship 1×1 line item. CPM rate is arbitrary.
  4. Target the 1×1 ad unit created in step one.
  5. Save and upload creatives. Paste the embed code provided by the ad network in the Code Snippet box.
  6. Generate the DFP header and body tags. Remember to disable the single request and enable sync request.
  7. Implement the header and body tags anywhere in the body portion of the source code. This would be the same thing as placing JavaScript code directly into the page and eliminates the need for a programmer to update the ad tags every time you need to make a change. You can simply make the changes via DFP.

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Option 2: Direct implementation

1) Place the embed code in the global footer of your site, just above the closing body tag (</body>).

This tag will work properly across the entire domain/site. Depending on how the ad network targets your users, ads may not necessarily be served on every page or image, so it is not unusual for the page view counts to differ from your analytics data.

Make sure you discuss this with your ad representative to have a clear understanding of the data you see on their UI. If you need expert management of your in-text and in-image ad inventories, turn to the ad optimization experts at MonetizeMore. Sign-up for a FREE consultation.

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