More Reasons Why Blank AdSense Ads Appear

AdSense Ad Optimization

Blank AdSense ads on your site can be incredibly annoying and pesky. Blank ads translate into lost revenue, which can add up over time. It’s best to avoid running blank ads, but to do so, you first have to understand why blank ads might be appearing on your site.

We’ve already explored reasons why blank ads might appear on your site. If our troubleshooting methods didn’t work for you, explore these alternative fixes:

  • Ensure that house ads are booked for your site. When tags are correctly implemented on your site but there aren’t any paying line items that meet the criteria of the user, the system will resort to house ads. If you don’t have any house ads booked in DFP, blank ads will appear. To fix this, make sure that you book a run-of-network house line item for every ad unit size on your site.
  • Match standard ad tags with standard creatives. If you try to run Flash creatives with standard ad tags, then the custom creative line item will appear incorrectly. Make sure you aren’t running Flash creatives if you also have standard ad tags.
  • Typos. It feels a little saying this, but it’s worth pointing out: make sure you don’t have any typos on in your ad tags! This is one of the most common problems publishers run into.
  • Check the DoubleClick ad server. It could just be a case of a screwy ad server.

For more tips to make sure your ad revenue is optimized, contact us at MonetizeMore. We help publishers increase their revenue by 25 – 50%; we’d love to help you do the same.

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