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Websites with just images or videos are dominating social media nowadays. Considering its high social media potential, they’re definitely a big hit! But before you set up that income-generating site, consider the following tips first:

1. Comply with the policy

The first and one of the most important steps before you start monetizing your image and the video-rich site is to make sure that your content is abiding by Google’s Policy. The usual mistake of publishers is putting mature content on their site. It may gather a lot of views but it is a big no-no. This is usually the reason why AdSense applications get disapproved. Some third-party ad networks also do not allow their ads to be seen on pages with mature content.

So keep yourself away from all the hassle and just follow the rules.

Also, be wary of having ‘insufficient content’. Google frowns on sites with little to no-content – or those with only headings, subheading, and a line or two sentences. Image and video-rich sites should still be complemented by sufficient text content in order to be eligible for Adsense or Ad Exchange monetization.

For more information regarding Google AdSense policy, here’s a link for your reference:

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2. Monetize all traffic, from desktop to mobile

Videos and photos are a definite hit on mobile. Stick to IAB sizes since they are the most common ones and advertisers tend to pay better to compete with other ad networks. Place ads above the fold, as much as possible.

For further reading, see our article on three proven ways to monetize website traffic here.

3. Try working with Native Ads

Native ads are those that look like a part of your content and are great for suggesting other articles found on your site. This can be seen below or beside each article, image, or video.

ads examples

4. Text ad optimization with Adsense and Ad Exchange

Of course, you can never go wrong if you have these two on your team. When you have them, be sure to have a customized text ad optimization. This can help with getting more CTR because you will have arrows that will blend with your background color or border colors. You can also choose to display only ads on Ad Exchange to match with your image-rich site.

5. Consider Pre-Roll videos and In-image Ads

These types of ads are the best fit for image and video-rich ads. Pre-roll videos are paying higher CPMS compared to any normal banner ad. Pre-roll ads are those videos that automatically play when you view the page, but be sure to instruct your ad network to have it muted so it won’t distract your viewers. In-image ads are ads that are being delivered to your page that match your content.

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The list below shows the ad networks that offer pre-roll and in-image ads:

  • Gumgum
  • VibrantMedia
  • TokMedia

If you need help in monetizing your image and video-rich websites, contact us for a free consultation today, and we’ll plan a monetization strategy for you.

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