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As of September 2014, SuperDataResearh reported the US market to have spent $873 million on digital games and this is just in the United States alone. Imagine how big the market is in each country – from War of Warcraft users to Clash of Clans or even just any kiddie flash games.

So, if you are a publisher currently running a games site – may it be flash games, game cheats or gamer forums, here are a few guidelines and tips to consider to make the most of your daily traffic:

1) Consider Google guidelines on ad implementation

  • Ensure that the ads are in a reasonable distance from the download link to avoid users to accidentally click on the ad.
  • If you have a flash game, Adsense recommends 150 pixels in distance between the edge of a game and the ad.
  • Cross-check if games have sexual or violent content, and stay away from profane and explicit language descriptions.
  • Placing ads on games that you do not have permission to distribute or monetize is also prohibited
  • Never, ever use AdSense for Content or AdX tags as pre-roll or mid-roll of any flash games as there is AdSense for Games.
  • Comment moderation should be in place to avoid trash talking between players if you are hosting the games.
  • To get the whole list of guidelines, check out

2) Think of ad range and variety

I am talking about ads in different models – CPM and CPI. SuperData estimates an average of $2.73 for mobile games. But remember that 1 out of 10 or 20 will probably be interested. Thus, it is important to have both. Below is one suggestion on how to make the most of above-the-folds which can really sell well.

ad locations

3) Pair up with premium ad networks that perform well on game sites.


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