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This post was most recently updated on September 21st, 2021

Google AdSense video ads demo pageA research study from says that in 2014, 89 million people in the US watched 1.2 billion online videos and by 2016, online viewers will be raised up to 1.5 billion.

Now, this is something we’ve not seen before, and publishers should take this as an opportunity to earn extra.

Publishers are accustomed to using traditional banner ads to display on their site thinking that this captures a significant market share. Video adds another layer and monetization option for publishers.

If you want to get started with AdSense monetization through video ads, there are some things you need to comply with to get on the right track of monetization.

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Step 1: Comply with Google AdSense video ads policies

In addition to Adsense Program policies, there are video-specific policies that you should comply with, such as content requirements, media player, games implementation, ad serving, and ad format guidelines.

The video content should also receive over 2 million monthly impressions and not be hosted on Youtube.

Find more information from Google here:

Step 2: Meet these minimum video monetization criteria

  • Your content must be advertiser-friendly.
  • You created the content or have permission to use it commercially.
  • You can provide documentation proving you own commercial rights to all audio and media content.
  • Your content complies with YouTube’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. YouTube reserves the right to disable monetization for accounts that do not follow our guidelines.

Find more information here:

Step 3: Decide on your monetization Strategy

First, you need to identify whether you have an inventory of videos you want to run on your site or you want a direct relationship with the advertisers who may want to run their campaigns on your site.

You could also do both.

Next, you’ll need to figure out the best-fit technology solution you deemed helpful. You might also be in search of an ad network that will monetize for you. Doubleclick for Publishers is one of the popular platforms that serve this purpose.

Lastly, start working on your video monetization by following the above three steps.

See our list of best video ad networks here.


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