Your mobile ad units are too close to each other. Here’s how to fix it.

When ads are too close, they tend to result in accidental clicks and can negatively impact the performance of each ad. Google recommends an adequate distance between the ads.



  1. Observe a distance of at least 1 screen height between ads on mobile.
  2. Only 1 ad unit should be visible in the viewport at once.
  3. Deploy one ad unit at the bottom just above the fold, skip a screen height > then another ad unit, another screen height > another unit, etc, up to 5 units.
  4. Smaller ad sizes usually perform worse than the bigger ones, so go for 300×250 where applicable.
  5. Do not implement more than 5 ad units per page unless extremely necessary (e.g. lengthy content)
  6. Keep content-to-ad balance. Google recommends more content than ads per page.

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