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Native Ad Optimization
Last updated: August 19, 2022 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 19th, 2022

“Nobody reads advertising, People read what they want to read, and sometimes it’s an ad.” – Howard Luck Gossage, Advertising Pioneer, 1969

Some of us may or may not be aware of native ads, we may not even know if we encountered one on a website that we are visiting. For a clear idea of what this is and how to maximize native ads, this is the read for you.

Native ads are a new advertising strategy in the market wherein advertisers will try to get the reader’s attention by making the paid ad look like a normal article without being noticed and obstructive to readers. It adapts to its surroundings not to trick the readers but to get their attention and get them interested enough to share the ads.

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There are two native advertising styles that are usually used. First is the Closed Native Advertising System which allows brands to create customized content that only exists on the website’s platform and nowhere else. The best example for this native advertising system is Facebook and Twitter — brands have to work their profiles and also their content within the platform.

Open Native Advertising, on the other hand, is best for those publishers who are just starting up. You can opt for Open Native Advertising to put brand content in native placements to test if there’s a need for putting up your own closed native advertising system. Open Native Advertising System allows publishers to create their content and have the content appear on other campaigns. The best examples of Open Native Advertising are Disqus and Outbrain.

This advertising strategy offers promising results not just for the advertisers, but also to the readers as well. There are many advantages:

  1. According to many readers, native ads don’t hinder their reading experience on the website. Most of them prefer sharing native ads over display or other ad types.
  2. Native ads boost brand awareness for consumers and also social engagement.
  3. US-based publishers have proven that native ads help them grow their business.
  4. Many consumers admitted that native ads have helped them in searching for content that will give them an idea about the product before purchasing.
  5. Readers will not hesitate in sharing useful information to their friends and family, even if it’s an ad.

Native ads can greatly help you in monetizing your site, but they need to be done right. Let’s go over some basics:

  1. Ensure that talented people work on your native advertising if you plan to create it on your own. You can’t just put out mediocre native ads if you want to get your reader’s attention.
  2. Always remember that a native ad is not meant to trick your readers, so be sure of your placement and appearance.
  3. One of the critical parts of putting up a native ad is ensuring that the ad is providing value to your site. Remember that whatever you put on your site should be useful and interesting.
  4. Variety is always good. Visitors will get bored with the same ads showing up over and over, so try to mix it up and run a variety of native ads from other advertisers as well. Follow the rule of the thumb in advertising — keep your visitors engaged.
  5. Know your content properly. Be sure to know what you advertise, your product or your services.
  6. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) is the regulators that examine your ads from a consumer’s perspective, so think like a consumer when creating your native advertisement.

You can also measure the success of your native ads in four ways according to Todd Handy, Vice President of Digital Business Development and Advertising at Deseret Digital Media:

  1. Check how many times the story has been viewed.
  2. Determine how many visitors have read the story.
  3. Know your total display ad impressions.
  4. Know how much time readers spent on that story.

Bottom line

Native ads are not there to trick readers or to disrupt the reader’s activities on a website. It is just plain advertisement with a twist, and you can definitely earn a lot from it.

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