How to Maximize Revenue During The Holiday Season for Publishers

Holiday Season Ad Optimization
Last updated: September 6, 2019 | by Kean Graham
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This post was most recently updated on September 6th, 2019

It’s that time of the year again where the nights are longer, the winds are colder and for most people around the world, it means the holiday season is here!

As a publisher, the holiday season or the last quarter of the year usually comes down to two words: Increased revenue.

With the final quarter coming in, most publishers know that this is the time where they can earn the most or reach the maximum earning potential for their sites. By Q4 or Quarter 4, advertisers will have increased budgets and gone into a buying frenzy. It’s vital for a publisher to ensure that they are ready and that their monetization strategies are as efficient as possible.

An essential factor in all of this is the publisher Ad Stack.

A well-prepared stack can go a long way in making sure a publisher gets to take advantage of the vast monetization potential that the holiday season will bring.

Tips on how to take advantage of high advertiser spending this holiday season:

Step 1: Frequency restrictions

If you have a frequency cap set, make sure the frequency cap is not too tight to allow more competition in your ad placements. Especially, during Q4 where most advertisers increase their spending.

Step 2: Choose the right ad network partner

The best ad networks to partner up with are those that can work with 100% fill and can offer premium rates considering the geographical location where most of your traffic is coming from. Publishers need to make sure that a particular ad network also has strong demand.

Step 3: Make your content fresh and seasonal

Check your previous year’s holiday analytics data. Using Google Analytics, you can see your top performing content and dates they performed best. Use this data to help you come up with improved content strategies for Q4.

Step 4: Don’t leave empty ad spaces

Make your text content sufficient. This will allow Google to crawl the site and serve relevant and top paying ads. Relevant ads will end up generating more clicks.

Step 5: Reaching out for direct deals

As advertisers increase their budgets for the holiday season, reach out to your ad representatives for premium and direct deals to increase your earnings. There’s a higher chance to strike lucrative deals during Q4 as this helps advertisers meet their targets.

Step 6: Signing up with a Header Bidding Solution

More publishers are now opting for a Header Bidding Solution. As we know, with Header Bidding we can eliminate waterfall passback. This means publishers can have access to more demands and increase fill rates. Header Bidding also allows publishers to sell their inventory to the highest bidder and provides total visibility of who won each impression.

This is a great opportunity for publishers this holiday season. Here at MonetizeMore, we have Pubguru Header Bidding where you can sit back and watch our proprietary header bidding technology maximize your ad revenue.

Of course, a lot of factors are at play with regards to how well each individual website will perform during the last quarter, however, following these tips will help make sure that you get to monetize every single impression that comes trickling in as much as possible.

If you’d like to get the most out of your ad stack this year and take your website to the next level in 2018, be sure to contact one of our consultants for a free consultation to find out how MonetizeMore and our team or expert ad optimizers can help.

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