Lesson 4: Using Anchor Ads for Mobile

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Welcome to another lesson on mobile ad optimization! This week we will delve on using the popular mobile anchor ad. On to lesson #4…

This type of ad unit is known as the 320×50 “sticky” that you often find either above-the-fold (ATF) or below-the-fold (BTF) in mobile pages. They stay fixed at their ad spot as users scroll through the screen. Some of you may be skeptical in trying it out as it seems to distract user-experience. No need to worry, though. The mobile anchor allows the user to dismiss or remove the ad entirely.

The right ad, at the right time

Sounds cheesy but true! The mobile anchor ad is an awesome addition to your monetization units. It is particularly:

  • Smooth, dismissable, and smart
  • Used mostly for high CPM ads
  • Stays sticky as the user scrolls
  • Boasts of higher viewability rate compared to standard ad units
  • Does not count towards your ad per page limit

Tips on using a Mobile Anchor ad

  • Add multiple ad networks that offer mobile anchor ads to increase competition, thus increasing the revenue potential. Find good-paying ad networks that offer flat CPMs at 100% fill rate.
  • Set up geo-targeting. Some ad networks have different CPM offers per geo and with this data, you will be able to accurately optimize the ad units based on the CPM rates they offer per target location.
  • Set up mobile anchors on popular pages of your site – those with high engagement rates.
  • Choose to set the anchors above the fold so viewability is close to 100% which is favored by advertisers
  • Mobile anchors come in different sizes. Experiment on which size performs best for your site.

sticky anchor ad mobile

Publishers that have implemented mobile anchors along with the standard ad have increased their revenue by 10% – 15%.

Lesson 4 Action Items

  • Get your analytics data and determine which pages are most popular on your site and what geos are driving traffic to your mobile site.
  • Reach out to Monetizemore Support on how to get the mobile anchor or overlay ads.

What’s up next?

We’re almost done with the mobile ad optimization course! Next week, make sure to come back in order to learn about how to stay compliant with Adsense for mobile policy. That’s lesson number 5 – the last lesson! To get our tips delivered straight to your mailbox, register to the FREE Mobile Ad Optimization Course.

Sign up for a Professional account at MonetizeMore today and find out how you can to start monetizing your mobile inventory today.


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