KVP Exceeds Ad Manager Limit. Here’s How To Fix It.

Ad Manager Key-value pairs (KVPs) have a hard cap of 40 characters per value. This is a limitation by Google.


Step 1: If you are tracking articles using URLs as KVP, you should switch to article IDs instead, using our external API:

window.m2hb.kvps = window.m2hb.kvps || {}

window.m2hb.kvps.articleId = YOURARTICLEID || ‘/empty/’;

Step 2: Note: YOURARTICLEID must be valid javascript. If it’s a javascript variable, don’t use quotes. If it’s a string that you set server side, use quotes.

Step 3: Always pass an alternative ‘/empty/’ as an or statement, or you won’t be able to generate proper coverage reports.

Step 4: If you have UTM tracking enabled, the max length of each value when combined cannot exceed 40 characters.

Step 5: If you need help with KVP setup, reach out to support@monetizemore.com

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