Is one header bid network enough for publishers?

Header Bidding

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As header bid solutions become more popular with publishers, there will be more header bid networks that pop-up. This is already happening, however, the current number of header bidders will be a fraction of what will exist by 2016.

With so many options, it’s tough to choose which ones to work with. Below are our top picks of header bid networks:

  • Index Exchange
  • OpenX
  • Yieldbot
  • Amazon Direct
  • AppNexus

We have prioritized the current main header bid networks in the above order based on performance, revenue share, and features. So the question then becomes, once you have that first header bid network setup, is it worth adding others? It’s highly dependent on your traffic volume.

Below 10 Million Page Views per Month

If your site receives fewer than 10 million page views per month, we recommend running only one header bid network. The additional value you would receive from a second header bid network isn’t worth the resources it requires to set it up.

10 – 50 Million Page Views per Month

At this level of traffic, you should start looking into adding additional header bid networks. You should go with two if you receive fewer than 25 million page views and three if you receive greater than 25 million. The additional header bid networks competing at price priority against Ad Exchange will be worth the ad revenue increases despite the arduous setups.

50 Million+ Page Views per Month

At this traffic level, you should consider setting up at least all five top options, though we recommend you proceed with caution because the setup gets a bit complex and could hurt your site load times. This is where technology should be implemented to simplify the setup, rectify site load times and consolidate stats.

If you’re interested in seeing how header bidding implementation is done, you can read this post from Ad Ops Insider: Header Bidding Implementations in the Wild

This technology can be built in-house or utilized via an ad optimization company like MonetizeMore. If you’re interested in MonetizeMore’s header bid consolidation tool, register to the beta.

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