How to use the Report Builder in PubGuru

The Report Builder allows you to create custom reports depending on your need and opt to receive them regularly via email. This feature makes it a lot easier for publishers to access data tailored to their situation and make educated decisions as necessary.

On your PubGuru Dashboard, go to Advanced Reports > Report Builder. Start creating your own custom report by clicking on the “Generate New Report” button.

  • Name – This is not necessary unless you’d like to save the report and access it again at a later time.
  • Date range – choose dynamic or custom.

  • Filters – show only the relevant data with the use of filters. For example, you’d like to exclude other devices and only want to see the data for mobile & tablet, choose Device, and select “mobile” & “tablet”. Add other filters as needed.

  • Dimensions – will appear as rows in the report. Choose how you’d like your data broken down. Add more dimensions as necessary for a more granular view.

  • Metric – select the metrics you’d like to see in your report. “PGA” means PubGuru Analytics which is able to measure only those pages where the PubGuru tag is deployed. If you have specific sections or pages on the site where our code isn’t found, they will not be accounted for.
  • Email – PubGuru can auto-generate the report you have set up and deliver it to you via email at your preferred frequency. Choose Unscheduled if you just want to run the report without saving it.

PubGuru can only display a maximum of 200 rows. To view all the rows, use the export feature found on the top right corner of the interface.

PubGuru receives ad network data once they are available via their ad network interfaces. This can take up to 48 hours after each relevant day. In the meantime, PubGuru calculates estimated revenues, ad impressions, and RPMs based on past stats and GAM data.

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