How to use the Content Policy Report in PubGuru

Content Policy Report will show the specific section of your site which contains words that are detected to be non-compliant with Ad Networks, particularly Google’s program policies. This section of your dashboard allows you to address the possible violations and prevent getting your account banned.

Some of the reported words could be in the main content itself, in the site’s HTML, in the lazy loaded content, or the browser inspector tool. It is important to consider this when troubleshooting.

On your PubGuru dashboard, navigate to the Policy Reports section, then click on Content Policy. There are times when the words detected don’t necessarily mean something bad and could be at times non-English words with a different meaning. If this is the case, you can either fix it (safest route) or choose to manually ignore it by clicking the ‘IGNORE’ link (not recommended).

If you have the option to change the word into something else (e.g. synonym) and while keeping the gist of the content intact, we would recommend doing so. Many advertisers have the technology to also detect these and might end up not bidding on your site.

Report Columns

  • Last found – the date when the content policy violation was detected and follows the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • URL – the specific section or landing page where the violation was detected.
  • Detected Words and Counts – the number of times each word has been detected in the article or content itself, site’s HTML, browser inspector, or lazy-loaded content.

  • Hidden Words – “Yes” means that the words may not be readily visible when you initially load the page. They could appear in the site’s HTML, browser inspector, or lazy-loaded content. “No” means the detected words are found in the page article or content.
  • Ignore – this gives you the option to manually ignore the reported URL and the system will stop notifying you about it for the next 6 months and move it under the Ignored URLs list.

  • Validate Fix – click this only when you have addressed or fixed the detected violation. It will turn into a red ‘Not fixed’ if the system is still able to detect it.

  • Make Active – this column appears when you check the ignored URLs list. Clicking it will put the URL back to the active list.

Google Policy Violations vs Publisher Restrictions

Google may now classify your content as either a ‘policy violation or a ‘publisher restriction’. A policy violation means it cannot be monetized at all by Google and may result in getting your account suspended or terminated. If it’s classified as a publisher restriction, Google will continue to serve ads on your site or app, but with certain limitations as not all advertisers will be eligible to bid on it.

Some, if not all of the words flagged on your PubGuru Content Policy report will serve as a guide to make sure you are in compliance with Google’s and other Ad Network’s content policies. We highly recommend checking this report regularly and addressing them as needed.

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