How to use the Ad Exchange Report in PubGuru

Seamlessly integrate your Ad Exchange data into the PubGuru platform and view it through the ADX Report feature. It can be accessed under the Reports section in the left-hand panel of your PubGuru dashboard.

You can easily set your preferred date range in the date picker which will open an interactive calendar to let you select fixed dates or simply choose from any of the dynamic date range options available.

You can also use the slider below the chart, which will allow you to zoom in and out of a particular date range.

The Metric filter lets you select a metric that will be shown in the chart below it, which will also highlight the same metric in the table beneath it. You also are given the option to view your Ad Exchange data in either CAD, EUR, or USD under the Currency selector.

Currently, these are the metrics that are available for selection under ADX Report:

  • Net Revenue – Net revenue earned by AdX (Ad Exchange)
  • Ad Impressions – Ad requests that returned at least one ad to the site
  • Ad eCPM – Ad revenue per one thousand ad impressions
  • Matched Requests – Number of ad requests where Ad Exchange successfully wins an opportunity to serve an ad
  • Ad Requests – Number of times that Ad Exchange receives a request to show an ad
  • Coverage – This measures the percentage of ads returned versus the number of ad requests.
  • CTR – Clickthrough rate is the  percentage of impressions that resulted to a user clicking on an ad.
  • Active View Viewable – This is the percentage of viewable impressions out of all measurable impressions.

If you go to the table, a detailed description of these metrics can be seen if you hover on the tooltip found in each of them.

On the top right section of the table, you’d be able to see when the report was last updated, along with the option to export the report as a .csv file on your device.

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