How to use Smart Notifications in PubGuru

Smart Notifications is a feature designed to deliver relevant and real-time alerts within the PubGuru Ad Ops platform. Smart notifications can range from critical notifications to errors, and warnings.

  • Critical – A critical notification is typically a revenue-impacting and time-sensitive alert that needs to be addressed immediately. This includes ad set up policy violations that need to be fixed promptly to avoid catastrophic impact to ad revenue.
  • Errors – These are issues that you need to address to circumvent problems that can potentially cause more serious repercussions to your overall revenue. This can range from ad serving issues, configuration errors, and regulatory concerns such as GDPR compliance.
  • Warnings – These are opportunities that you can work on which can help improve your setup to boost your overall ad performance and revenue. Warnings can include possible content violations, header bidding errors, and ad placement suggestions.

Click on Smart Notifications on the left-hand panel of your PubGuru dashboard to access this feature. Alternatively, get quick access to your critical notifications by clicking on “View All” in the banner that is displayed at the top of the page whenever critical notifications are detected on your account.


You can then filter the notifications by type:

  • Critical, Errors, and Warnings

Additionally, you can also filter them by their status:

  • Active or Dismissed

All notifications are categorized as active by default and will be considered dismissed once you view the details and click on the “x” button within the notification. You can opt to dismiss it  indefinitely or for a predetermined period of time ranging from 1 day to 6 months.

Lastly, you can filter the notifications by their source:

  • PubGuru Ad Inspector
  • PubGuru Header Bidding
  • Google Ad Manager
  • Reports

If you need to narrow down the notifications by keyword, you can enter the text in the search box and it will automatically refresh and show the relevant results.

Notification Details

Every notification displays the name, the source or category, and the number of unique instances for each notification. If you click on it, it will collapse to show the details of each unique instance, including when it was last detected and the total accumulated instances that it was detected in the last 7 days.

If you click on each instance, you’ll have access to more details about the notification. These details are designed to help you isolate the problem and more importantly, fix it.

It will show a description of the notification which includes details on how it is impacting your current setup and revenue and why you should fix it. Under that, you’ll find a link labeled “How to Fix” which leads to a useful resource material that you may use as a reference to resolve the issue.

Tip: You can find more relevant resources by accessing the PubGuru Help Center by clicking on the icon at the bottom of the page.

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