How to use Account Connections in PubGuru

The PubGuru ad optimization interface is designed to give you a unified reporting experience where you can access all the data that you need in one powerful platform.

One of the first steps that you need to do in order to consolidate the reports that you need from various ad network platforms into PubGuru is to connect your different ad network accounts through the Account Connections tab.

Under the Manage section on the PubGuru dashboard, click on Account Connections.


You’d be able to see three different types of account connections that can be done:

  • Google Connections
  • Sell-Side Connections
  • Buy-Side Connections

In any case, connecting your credentials to PubGuru is done seamlessly and securely. We provide maximum data protection so that your information will be safely encrypted.

Google Connections – Here, you can connect your Google Ad Manager, Google Analytics, and AdSense accounts. This will bolster up your Analytics Report data and enable you to see GAM and ad network discrepancies in the Ad Network Report section.

Sell-Side Connections – Quickly and safely connect your SSP credentials in the Sell-Side Connections tab. The PubGuru platform provides easy integration of multiple ad networks. You can also use the search box to easily locate the ad network that you wish to connect.

Buy-Side Connections – Connect this to enable more effective profit attribution reporting. Once properly integrated, the profit attribution report will display your audience acquisition costs and then calculate your profits and ROI, helping you make better business decisions when acquiring traffic from your buy-side partners.

Completing the various account connections that are applicable for you will enable PubGuru to automatically unify your programmatic ad revenue stats, analytics data, and profit attribution campaigns. The platform will then be able to provide actionable data to help you better optimize your ad inventory and traffic acquisition campaigns. You will also receive a richer set of Smart Notifications to further enhance your ad setup and avoid policy violations.

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