How to implement PubGuru Header Bidding using Ad Inserter

Last updated: September 10, 2020 | by Kean Graham
How to implement PubGuru Header Bidding using Ad Inserter

This post was most recently updated on September 10th, 2020

Header Bidding implementation with MonetizeMore is quick and easy! Instead of having to add hundreds of lines of codes, you’ll only deploy a single one. You read that right – only one line of code (one for the header, one body tag for each ad unit)! In this post, we’ll show you how to implement PubGuru Header Bidding with the Ad Inserter WordPress plugin.

It should look like this:

insert cofig url

implement ad units in body

Header tag

Step 1: Remove any old ad tags deployed on the site, like Google Ad Manager codes or hardcoded AdSense or Ad Exchange codes

Step 2: Click Settings > Ad Inserter

Step 3: Click settings (Ad Inserter General Settings)

Step 4: Click the Header tab

Step 5: Paste the <head> code in the space provided

Step 6: Click to enable

html page header code

Step 7: Click Save Settings

Step 8: In case you have separate Header tags for different sections of your site, check out <link>

Body tags

Step 1: Click Settings > Ad Inserter

Step 2: Use a new ad block and paste the <body> tag provided to you.

Step 3: Specify which page categories you’d like to show up and which spot on the page.

div code

Step 4: Repeat steps for the next <body> tag you need to deploy.

Step 5: If the ad is intended for the sidebar, specify which page categories this ad will serve but keep Insertion: Disabled, click Manual > check “Shortcode” (see below sample)

div class pg-lazy loading

Save and go to Appearance > Widgets. Drag Ad Inserter into position and select which Block you’d like to show on the chosen spot, then click Save.

select the widget

Find out more about Ad Inserter vs Advanced Ads here.


As you can see, we’ve simplified the implementation with PubGuru Header Bidding enabling publishers to run header bidding with little or no coding knowledge. Have you tested header bidding yet? With MonetizeMore’s PubGuru Header Bidding wrapper, we offer transparency, minimal management, and setup. Best of all, top performance! Take your ad revenue to the next level with PubGuru Header Bidding!

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