Header Bidding Has Been Misconfigured. Here’s How To Fix It.

Your header bid setup was detected, however, the misconfigurations are preventing returned bids from ad networks. As a result, your ad inventory is missing the full benefit of header bidding and your ad revenues are suffering.

Step 1: Log into tools.monetizemore.com > PubGuru Header Bidding> Configurations.

Step 2: Open the relevant configuration.

Step 3: Check to make sure the ad unit is added in the configuration.

ad unit size mapping

Step 4: Check the slot field in the configuration to make sure it’s correct.

desktop ad unit 1

Step 5: Slot field should be your GAM ad unit code.

GAM Ad Unit

Step 6: Add the relevant bidders/Placement IDs (PIDs) for this ad unit.

bidder pulsepoint

Step 7: Check if all your ad units that should be running are complete in the configuration.

Step 8: Check their settings as well as per the above steps.

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