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Implementing a mobile strategy for your business website? It’s time to make this a top priority as we will now be more active in screening sites for Google. Here are some of the ad implementation rules we’ve gathered from Adsense for Mobile:

  • Publishers may place Google ads and non-Google ads on the same mobile web page so as long as Google ads are easily determined from the rest. This is to be fair to advertisers and maintain the integrity of the AdWords and AdSense programs.
  • Publishers are permitted to place one AdSense for mobile (WAP only) ad unit on each of their WAP mobile webpages. If double ad unit is used, you may only place the ad unit at the bottom of each page.
  • Publishers should use standard AFC ad units for websites formatted for High-End devices but must follow the policy of only up to 3 ad units per page.
  • If you have a mobile-compliant website that is in line with Google’s policy, you are welcome to partake in AdSense for mobile. Keep in mind that AdSense for mobile will only show ads to WAP websites in a limited number of locations. Or if you are already an existing publisher, you may follow these steps to generate the AdSense for mobile code.

We encourage you to fully review the Mobile Webmaster Guidelines. Additionally, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are applicable to mobile websites and following them will help Google find, index, and rank your mobile site.

Ad Implementation Reminder

Mobile screens are smaller compared to desktop screens, it is more likely to incur the accidental ad clicks from users. Our main goal is to ensure proper ad placement and avoid any possible violation. Google has outlined Webmaster Quality Guidelines for Mobile, please check this link:

Google’s Mobile-First Algorithm

Google has pushed websites to be mobile-friendly to be as discoverable and as accessible as possible. Now is the best time to make your site mobile-responsive. This will improve your search engine rankings when people search on mobile devices. Mobile-friendly sites are favored by major search engines which can drive a significant amount of traffic to a website, so if your site is optimized for mobile web browsing you’ll definitely outrank your competition.

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For more details on Adsense for mobile policy compliance, contact us here. You can also sign-up for FREE to Ad Exchange or become a Premium Publisher.

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