Google is migrating Open Auction blocks to Protections. Here’s how to prepare

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July 18, 2019 | by Kean Graham
google migrating open auction blocks to protections

Google Ad Exchange is moving the eligible Open Auction rules that block Semi-Transparent, Branded, or Anonymous bids to Protections. This change is expected in July 2019.

pricing and blocking

It is critical that publishers take action as soon as possible to avoid impact on ad serving and ad optimization strategies. One thing to remember is that the way Google Ad Exchange would prioritize Open Auction versus Protections completely differ:

Open Auction

Here, rules are applied sequentially by Priority # specified. The lower the number, the higher the priority. For example, rule with priority 1 is applied first before the rule with priority 2.

open auction rules


Here, rules are additive. If multiple rules match targeting, all of them will be applied on every ad request. There’s no option to set priority levels, and there’s a limit:

  • 300 protections per network
  • 200 advertisers/brands per protection
  • 200 general categories per protection
  • 25,000 advertiser URLs per protection

In line with this update, Google has added some new layers of Protections giving publishers more control on their ad inventory:

#1 – Block ads from specific buyers

screenshot show you to block ads from buyers

#2 – Block Open Auction Ads

block open auction ads

#3 – Merge advertiser/brand Protections with other Protections (excluding Custom labels)

Advertiser/brand protections are applied immediately per Google’s timeline.

blocking advertisers and brands

Take action!

  1. For the rules that have been migrated, review them under the Protections tab and update them as necessary.
  2. If there are Open Auction rules not yet migrated, you may create new Protections for them. As of writing, Open Auction rules were migrated only if ALL three branding types were blocked.

rules table


Be sure to take action as soon as possible to avoid any negative impacts on ad serving and your ad optimization strategies.

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