Google Ad Manager Has Misconfigured Ad Units. Here’s How To Fix Them.

Google Ad Manager (GAM) was found in the header of the page, however, several ad units did not have matching div-IDs. Every misconfigured ad unit will not serve a monetized ad impression and is losing ad revenues on every page view.

See our DFP Tutorial: Best Practices in Creating DFP Ad Units:


Step 1: Log into your Google Ad Manager account

Step2: Go to Inventory > Ad Units

Step 3: Search for the ad unit in question

GAM unit

Step 4: Click on it to confirm the details like Ad Unit code

GAM Ad Unit

Step 5: The Code should match exactly with the div-ID deployed on your page. If you have an ON-page setup, check the ad unit size in the header section of your source code to ensure it matches your DFP ad unit settings.

Ad Unit size

Step 6: If you see any mismatch, update or change as necessary – either the source code or the Ad Manager ad unit settings.

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