Google Ad Manager is Detected but Not Loading. Follow These Steps To Fix It.

You have Ad Manager codes deployed on the page but it is not loading properly.


Step 1: Fix all other issues found in your PubGuru Ad Inspector (PGAI) test results

Step 2: Re-run PubGuru Ad Inspector (PGAI) and see if the error persists. If yes, proceed:

Step 3: If you have old Ad Manager or header bidding codes deployed and no longer in use, remove them from your source code

Step 4: Audit your ad units in Google Ad Manager. Status should say ‘Active’

ad unit Active


Step 5: Check your PubGuru Header Bidding, AdX/AdSense, Managed Demand orders and line items. They should either be ‘ready’ or ‘delivering’

LI delivering


Step 6: Go to Admin > Global Settings. API access should be enabled


Step 7: Re-check your PubGuru header bidding configuration to make sure you have the correct Network ID configured for each ad unit.

ad unit slot

If you have ON-page setup, aside from auditing your header bidding configuration, audit your source code that you have the correct Network ID:


*It might help to generate the tags again from Ad Manager, delete the codes on page and replace. When replacing codes, make sure you replace both Header & Body tags because of div ID’s need to match.

Step 8: Audit the div ID’s to make sure it matches.

There are 3 places where your div ID should be found or configured. Audit the following:

  1. Ad unit code
    GAM Ad Unit
  2. PubGuru header bidding configuration (if running header bidding)ad unit
  3. Source code

Off page:

offpage code

On page:

Within <head> </head>

defineslot code

Within <body> </body>

div code

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