Experiencing A Drop In Share Of Voice Of A Major Demand Source? Here’s What To Do

Step 1: Check with the account rep if demand dropped and make sure that the domain is not blacklisted

Step 2: Check if other publishers on the same MonetizeMore Header Bidding version are experiencing  similar results

Step 3: Verify that PIDs/params in the configuration are correct

Pulsepoint bidder

Step 4: See if Ad Exchange or any other managed demand partner is winning over Header Bidding

Total average eCPM

Step 5: Check CPM rates for Managed Demand to ensure that they are not inflated. Adjust them accordingly by calculating the true CPM.

Step 6: Check if the publisher changed their traffic source or deployed any changes on the site

Step 7: Check Google Analytics to determine if the traffic profile has changed (e.g. geographics or device)

mobile traffic overview

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