We’re seeing a drop in your eCPM. Follow these troubleshooting steps to help diagnose the issue.

Ask yourself the following questions:

Have you recently deployed a new optimization strategy that might have negatively affected overall performance?

Is there a particular bidder with huge discrepancy? (Check: Rise in Discrepancy)

Have you launched a new bidder that negatively affected performance?

Step 1: Run a configuration test (configtest) on random pages to make sure header bidding is running properly.

Step 2: Have you changed your traffic source? Look at your Google Analytics data. In the left sidebar navigate to Acquisition -> Source/Medium to investigate the issue.


Step 3: Have you deployed any changes on the site?

Step 4: Has the traffic profile changed such as geographical location or device? Check your Google Analytics data to help troubleshoot the issue. In the left sidebar navigate to Audience -> Geo -> Location to see if your audience geo has changed. Or Audience -> Mobile -> Overview to see if your audience has shifted it’s ratio of desktop to mobile traffic.

audience country overview

mobile traffic overview

Step 5: Is Ad Exchange or any managed demand partner winning over header bidding? Run a report on DFP.

total impressions

Step 6: Check CPM rates for Managed Demand to ensure they are not inflated. Adjust them accordingly by calculating the true CPM [ (UI revenue/DFP impressions)*1000 ].

Step 7: Try other optimization strategies to improve CPM.

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