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Last updated: August 22, 2019 | by Kean Graham
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This post was most recently updated on August 22nd, 2019

Google is expanding cross-device measurement on ad buys made across Doubleclick, reinforcing its capabilities to measure cross-device conversions from search and display ads in AdWords.

Cross-device measurement will be available to all Doubleclick advertiser products, enabling the advertisers to measure conversion with Doubleclick ad tracking that starts as a click on a device and ends as a conversion on another platform for all the campaigns – not just with the ads they buy from Google but across all the Doubleclick advertiser products. This provides an estimated conversion data once the user visits an advertiser’s site after clicking the ad on one device and completes the transaction on another device.

Google’s cross-device conversion solution will use anonymized logged in user IDs as the signal in determining user activity. This is their counter-product against Facebook’s Atlas which utilizes cross-device measurement which allows advertisers to target ads outside of Facebook. The algorithm relies on user IDs instead of cookies in tracking user behavior.

Doubleclick ad tracking: what’s in it for Publishers?

With this development from Doubleclick, publishers move towards developing responsive sites in order to keep their conversion rates attractive to advertisers.

Also, publishers can expect increased advertiser demand as more brands become confident in measuring the performance of their campaigns across all devices.

Doubleclick has even updated its logo to represent the ever-changing ad landscape moving towards a hyper-multi-platform-connected-world.

Doubleclick ad tracking logo green and lime

Native Advertising Goes to Apps

More and more users are spending more time on mobile devices. Providing an ad experience that respects them are taken into value and consideration.

For example, showing ads in between levels rather than ads showing up in between games, disrupting the game itself.

What’s in it for Publishers?

Publishers are now seizing this change and are now introducing “native’ ad units that are designed to work in this environment.

Doubleclick Native Ads on Mobile Apps

With this new solution, publishers may now create their clearly labeled custom native formats or use Doubleclick’s standardized templates. DoubleClick will then automatically generate the ads, serve them at scale, and provide metrics to fine-tune those native ad campaigns. Source:

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