Doubleclick AdExchange: The Next Evolution

Doubleclick AdExchange is rolling out to ALL PUBLISHERS their enhanced Inventory Controls. They will be announcing the full roll-out date soon.

Watch the video to find out more about AdExchange’s Inventory Controls for publishers:

As a result of this update, there will be changes in their reporting. All publishers will now access the AdExchange Query Tool to serve as their reporting tool. Read more details here: What is the New Ad Exchange Query Tool?

These changes in AdX will pose a few differences in some of their features. Check out the pointers below to guide you in your transition:

  • For those publishers using ad units, hidden ad units will not be transitioned.
  • “Empty” channels (those without any ad units targeted) will not be transitioned.
  • Saved Performance Reports will not be transferred to Ad Exchange Query Tool. Here’s How to Use the Ad Exchange Query Tool. Take the opportunity to create these reports.
  • Post-transition, the new URL for AdX is Please bookmark this new URL, and begin using after your transition.


There will be a series of training to help publishers transition to the new Inventory Controls and the AdExchange Query Tool. Check out what DFP AdExchange has to offer:

Ad Exchange Core Training

Ad Exchange Sell-Side Fundamentals course A new 8-module online course is now available to all Ad Exchange publishers who have transitioned to Inventory Controls and the Query Tool. This training module is designed to help learn the fundamentals of the Ad Exchange.
Ad Exchange ‘Get Started’ checklist A comprehensive guide for publishers that sequentially walks through the basics and must-know information to make it easier to leverage the power of the exchange.

Ad Exchange Query Tool Training

Query Tool quick reference guide We want to make your transition from Performance reports to the Query Tool, a smooth one. We have compiled a list of top tasks that you are most likely to perform into a handy guide.
Learn your way around the Query Tool We’ve created user interface maps to help you easily navigate through the Query Tool.
Query Tool video tutorials A series of video tutorials that walk you through the essentials of the Query Tool.

If you need help in managing your AdExchange account with their new Inventory Controls and Query Tool – contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.
Not yet an AdX publisher? Sign-up to Google AdExchange today!

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  1. Pramod Pramod

    Nice, But how can I use AdExchange seller API instead of DFP API

    • Kean

      Hi Pramod,

      If you have a direct Ad Exchange account, you should ask your Google rep for access to the AdX seller API. If you have an Ad Exchange account via MonetizeMore, you can get an API key from


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