Ad fraud will crush your publisher ad earnings.

Can you survive if you lost months of ad revenue from IVT?

Ad fraud


MonetizeMore ad engineering teams use advanced machine learning with sophisticated fingerprinting algorithms to identify and block ad fraud. Keep your ad inventory safe from fraudulent actors and ensure your ad revenue is protected with Traffic Cop.

IAB and Ernst &
Young report

According to a recent IAB and Ernst & Young report, invalid traffic costs the US digital advertising and media industry around $4.6 billion every year.

Traffic Cop Benefits

Fraud Detection

Your inventory is under attack from illegal bot activity and it will cost you dearly. With Traffic Cop’s fraud detection solution you can analyze and classify many different kinds of Non-Human Traffic to keep this invalid traffic away from your ad inventory.

Fraud Prevention

Many solutions only give you a fraud report after the auction has occurred. Which does nothing to prevent ads from serving to invalid traffic resulting in major ad revenue loss and ad network bans. With Traffic Cop we run a pre-bid analysis to block these ads from serving to fraudulent sources.

IVT Analysis and Scoring

Through Traffic Cop’s sophisticated fraud detection algorithms we assign risk-level scoring to your website’s pageviews. Our analysis gives you a comprehensive breakdown of what we deem to be Human Traffic, Suspect and Invalid Traffic. Traffic Cop helps you understand the different levels of fraudulent traffic your website is encountering and how it is suppressed before any damage is incurred.

Machine Learning Optimization

By ingesting large datasets and applying proprietary machine learning algorithms our data science team is constantly improving our fraud traffic finger printing. Our Traffic Cop platform is always learning new fraudulent behaviors to keep your ad inventory safe from IVT.

General Invalid Traffic

This type of traffic easily gets caught via Traffic Cop’s filtering practices. IVT in this category can be accidental, non-malicious and does not intend to mislead:

  • Non human traffic filtering
  • Non-browser user agents
  • Pre-fetch or Pre-render traffic
  • Search engine spiders or crawlers

Sophisticated Invalid Traffic

Sophisticated Invalid Traffic (SIVT) is more difficult to identify and requires the full strength of Traffic Cop’s ad engineering team to use our machine learning algorithms that analyze their behavior, block advertisements from serving and protect your ad inventory.

  • Bots or scrapers masquerading as legitimate users
  • Hijacked devices, hijacked sessions within hijacked devices, hijacked ad tags and hijacked creative
  • Hidden, stacked, covered or otherwise intentionally
  • Targeted click bot attacks
  • Invalid proxy traffic
  • Adware and malware
  • Incentivized manipulation of measurements
  • Misappropriated content and falsely represented sites or impressions
  • Cookie stuffing, recycling or harvesting
  • Manipulation or falsification of location data

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