Did you find Bad Words? Follow these steps to fix them

Use your best judgment when dealing with this notification as not all “bad words” are actually “bad” especially when a site contains words from languages other than English.

Step 1: If the notification is verified correct, advise the publisher to take down the content or delete the bad word/s.

Step 2: In case the publisher refuses to do as advised, have him deploy a Key Value Pair on pages where bad words exist.

Key: google

Value: 0, no or off (choose one)


-Deploy this right above the Header Bidding header script:

window.m2hb = window.m2hb || {};
window.m2hb.kvps = {’key’ : ’value’};


-Deploy in the header, sample below:

googletag.pubads().setTargeting(‘key’, [‘value’]);


code screenshot

Step 3: Remember that the key & value are case sensitive. It needs to match exactly what’s on DFP.

This will automatically shut off Google demand (Ad Exchange and AdSense) on pages where this KVP is deployed. All publisher DFP accounts we have access to will have this Key Value Pair set by default across all Ad Exchange and AdSense line items:

inventory key values

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