DFP Order Report Check-In: 6 Reasons You Could See Impression Discrepancies

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Last updated: August 22, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 22nd, 2019

Generating reports is very important in every area of website monetization, from optimizing your ads to handling your total revenues. It will help you analyze everything from the moment your ads start delivering. Since reporting is so integral to a great monetization strategy, you should ideally perform a daily check-in on your order reports to spot and potentially correct discrepancies in your impressions.

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So, what’s included in the DFP order report? The DFP order report includes the number of impressions delivered by each of your orders, their total clicks, total CTR, total CPMs and CPC revenue, and the total average eCPM. You can check this report daily or for the entire month.

To get the most of your monetization strategy, we recommend checking your order reports as frequently as possible so you can respond quickly if there are discrepancies in your third-party ad network impressions, and the DFP order reports are just the tool to do so. You can generate your DFP order report, and match the result to the result you get in the user interface of each third-party ad network.

Below is a step-by-step guide to generating your DFP order report

1) Log into DFP

2) Click the Report tab

3) Under Delivery, choose Orders

The report will look like this:

dfp screenshot

Third-Party Discrepancies

Discrepancies will always occur due to the process of sending traffic between your third-party ad network and DFP, so having a 10% to 20% difference is usually normal. That said, there are other reasons why discrepancies can happen:

1) Latency: Discrepancies can happen if there is a lag between the moment the user navigates away from the website and when the request is received by DFP before the third-party ad network delivers their ads.

2) Server Reliability: No machine is absolutely perfect. You could see an instance where an ad network’s servers might have a system problem, which could reduce or interrupt recording impression.

3) Another common problem is users who use Ad Blockers in their browsers, which stops ad networks from being able to display their ads, despite the impression being recorded in DFP.

4) Having Low Impression Goals can also be a culprit for high discrepancies in your impressions. If your line item is only delivering 100 impressions and has a discrepancy of 30 impressions (so, a 30% discrepancy). In this scenario, you’ll need to make a decision as to whether continuing to run this particular ad is worth it or not.

5) The bane of international trade, a simple time zone difference could also be to blame for some of your discrepancies. For example, your DFP might record every line item request in New York time (EST), but your third-party ad network might be counting the impression in Minsk (FET), which has a difference of seven hours and could potentially be the “next day” for them. You should be aware of how each ad network delivers their statistics in their user Interface so your tracking methodologies can give you an accurate report.

6) Bots, spammers, and other automated web traffic can be detected by your ad networks and each of them has their own way of Filtering these out, so your impressions can also be affected that way.

Bottom Line

  • DFP order report is one of the helpful tools that DFP offers if you know how to use it properly.
  • There will always be impression discrepancies, but having 10-20% discrepancy is still okay.
  • Once you start seeing more than that 10-20% impression discrepancy range, that’s when you’ll want to get on the horn with your ad network representative to get to the bottom of the problem.

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