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Last updated: September 6, 2021 | by Kean Graham
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This post was most recently updated on September 6th, 2021

[digg]Choosing ad placements for your website is not rocket science, but it does require some data and research to know where your ad inventory can perform best. Tons of publishers initially started with A/B testing based on their website’s layout until the heat map tool from AdSense got released. This development has become very helpful, especially for new publishers starting out with display ads on their websites.

ad layoutHere are the AdSense heat map suggestions for ad placements on a sample page layout. The darker the shading is, the bigger the chance for the ad position to perform well.

This image does not imply that it is the only layout you can follow. Google Analytics’ Page Insights can also be an excellent source of information to find out where users frequently linger across your website, aside from a few other third-party plugins and tools.

Not sure which ad layout is the best monetization option for your audience? We can help you analyze your ad revenue and site analytics data to make the right layout experience for monetization. Click here to sign up to MonetizeMore today!

If you’re serious about maximizing display ad revenue consider the following factors when deciding where to position ads on your site:

Traffic Sources

Geography is a crucial factor in determining ad size and placement. The standard IAB sizes for desktop 300×250, 336×280, 728×90 and mobile 320×50, 320×100 is very common amongst different kinds of websites because of the significant volume of advertisers that use these formats.

This means that the demand is huge for these ad sizes, however sites with their biggest traffic from Sweden or Finland, as an example, might perform better with an ad size of 980×120 since these tend to deliver impressive results regarding CPMs within that particular region.

Another example is Poland where 750x ads get used a lot.

This Google’s ad size guide will show you all the regional ad sizes related to geographical locations.

Devices and Viewability

Just like the geographic location, the device used to access a website is an important factor when determining placement for ad inventory.

It’s better to implement ads that will not push content below the fold. What works best is using an ad wrapped around the content for better viewability.

Here’s a typical ad placement mistake we see with mobile traffic:

Let’s say a user is using his mobile device to browse feeds on Facebook. He sees an interesting link, clicks on it, and it directed to the particular web page. When he arrives at the website the first thing he sees, even before the title, is an ad. Even though this is very intrusive, he decides to scroll down to read the article and instead he sees another ad just below the title.

There is a growing number of publishers who do this to maximize revenue. They are willing to sacrifice user experience for an additional monetary gain.

Although it might seem lucrative, this strategy is however not very efficient. If you want to grow your organic users, then we recommend that you keep your layout clean, use nonobstructive ads and promote good quality content.

Quality of Ad Space

Cost per Mille (CPM) or the cost for every thousand impressions is usually the measure used in computing ad revenue for individual ad placements. If you want high CPMs, then it’s best to position your ad where it can be seen and possibly get clicked on.

Please note that if this ad is to close the navigation links as if intentionally deployed to get clicked, then this could lead to account violations, especially if you’re using monetizing your website with AdSense.

Past Performance

History is defined to be the study of past events. The numbers usually do not lie unless they are skewed or inaccurate. But past performance is an excellent source of information to determine where and in which specific placements ads can best perform.

At MonetizeMore, we analyze all these factors for our premium publishers and provide them with suggestions on where the best placement can generate them the best revenues. Some of our clients may have positioned their ads in the right place but are missing the sizes that can perform well.

Not happy with your site’s ad layouts? Sign up for a Professional account at MonetizeMore today and we’ll help you analyze your ad revenue and website analytics to find the right balance of monetization and user experience for your website.

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