Where Should Publishers Invest in for 2016?

Where Should Publishers Invest in for 2016?

Where Should Publishers Invest in for 2016?

If you serve ads on your site and noticed a dip in your earnings this month, don’t fret. It’s usual for advertisers to spend less after the holidays and most publishers feel the pinch. As a publisher, it’s best to take advantage of this lull by optimizing your site and exploring new monetization opportunities.


Adaptive Content

As Jay Acunzo elegantly put it, “Content marketing is just solving the same customer problems as your product, through media you create and distribute.”

Even if your content is of high-caliber and original, most of the time it still needs a nudge to be shared more often. There are almost 1 billion sites in existence today and 3 billion internet users, so it can get crowded out there. It’s worth your while to evaluate and consider different kinds of social amplification services and content management systems.

If your site is content-based, Stephanie Schwab, CEO of Crackerjack Marketing, a social media and content marketing agency, has some advice on how to share your content to different audiences:

“In 2016, we’re investing in multi-platform publishing opportunities for our clients, especially our business-to-business and nonprofit clients. These clients can create useful, entertaining or touching content or stories for their own websites and blogs, and then re-publish them to Medium.com, Slideshare or even to Facebook Notes.

In maintaining their own blogs and sites, they are increasing their visibility in search engines; by re-publishing the same or re-purposed content to third-party platforms they are gaining new audiences and potentially increasing their lead generation or donation generation capabilities.”

Mobile responsiveness is no longer an option but a must-have for online publishers. As Todd Dunlop, CEO of RingPartner, a Pay Per Call Marketing Network, explains:

“The discussion will not be as centered around Desktop vs. Mobile, rather publishers will be focused on how to optimize cross-device campaigns. We know that our audience switches between devices all day- it’s time to target in a way that makes sense across all platforms. – Due to regulation and marketing restrictions, native ads will be more refined in 2016 to be more obviously advertorial. – Real-time bidding for publishers will continue to dominate with programmatic becoming a reality.”


Native advertising

Matt Riley, CEO of Swiftype, a site search company points out how native advertising plays in online publishers’ revenue strategy:

“In 2016, native advertising will play a larger role in publisher’s growth plans. Site users are seeing native ads on home pages and in recommended content. Now, a growing trend in the publishing industry is the inclusion of native advertising in site search. Today, publishers have the ability to customize and fine-tune their website search engine in the same way they are able to customize the rest of the user experience for the reader. This means that publishers can now easily incorporate native ads into their site search experience. Why does this matter?

The intent data that comes from a publisher’s search box is arguably the strongest information to understanding what content a user wants. Being able to accurately deliver native advertising to users through site search is the trifecta publishers are looking for. User’s expectations are met, advertisers build a stronger connection with the user, and the publisher increases revenue.”


Header bidding solutions

Another trend is to look out for is header bidding solutions. We are currently launching our new product, MonetizeMore Demand, which will enable publishers to join multiple header bid networks into a single tool without overloading sites. We are also developing a dashboard that would enable publishers to optimize their ads on their own without needing extensive of ad operations knowledge and expertise.  Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out these products.

Like fashion, digital advertising trends come and go.  It’s necessary for publishers to stay on top of these trends in order to stay ahead of the curve. A good strategy is a flexible one, one you’re ready to tweak on the fly as the industry changes..

To get started on your monetization strategy, register to the beta of our header bid solution, or sign up to Doubleclick Ad Exchange.


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