Top Mobile Ad Types for 2016

As more and more people use mobile to surf online, mobile optimization is now a must-do for all publishers. Mobile compatibility of advertisements should also be a part of your ad optimization checklist. Here’s an infographic of the most effective mobile ad types and sizes for 2016.

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top mobile ad types for 2016

320 x 50 banners

This standard banner has a high conversion rate because anchoring it or making it sticky on the screen is allowed. This means that it can always be visible on the screen of the user. Placing this banner can also increase the engagement rate.

Smart Banners

There’s no standard size for smartphone screens, especially considering the trend of larger screens, thanks to the release of the iPhone 6 and Samsung Note 5. Smart banners auto-detect the phone width depending on the screen orientation of the user. They sometimes show screen-wide creatives and are responsive, hence they’re great banners to implement. However, note that this option is still unavailable within some ad networks.

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Rich Media ads

Rich media ads generate high engagement and click-through rates. Full-page rich media advertisements encourage users to interact with the advertisement through videos or audio.

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Video ads

Like rich media ads, video ads have high completion and engagement rates. Video ads work best if they complement the interests of your users.

Always remember to think about user experience first and foremost when implementing mobile advertisements. Your first goal should always be to provide high-quality content. Ad optimization comes a close second. Well-managed ads will perform better than hastily implemented ads.

Here at MonetizeMore, we have expert ad optimizers who can provide you with assistance with selecting the best type of mobile ad for your website. And just recently, Doubleclick Ad Exchange has rolled out video ads as an additional revenue source for publishers. Sign-up today and let’s get started.

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