The Future of Ad Tech Platforms: What’s in it for Publishers?

The Future of Ad Tech Platforms: What’s in it for Publishers?

As publishers, it’s important to understand what happens beneath the surface of digital advertising. While your viewers only see the end product, the ads themselves, you the publisher must have a deeper knowledge of the digital advertising ecosystem in order to navigate its complexities when optimizing inventory.

In the illustration below the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has mapped out the entities and platforms that comprise the digital advertising ecosystem and how they interact.

Digital Advertising Ecosystem by IAB

Despite appearing straightforward, the ecosystem consists of enough complexities and competition to confuse even the characters of Mad Men. Though oversimplified, this illustration gives us an overview of what happens behind the scenes of digital advertising.

Because ad platforms are fast-evolving, it’s important for publishers to have a grasp of how they work.

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Needing a single-platform technology

Currently, there are over a thousand advertising technology companies in existence. Terence Kawaja, CEO and Founder of Luma Partners, an investment bank specializing in media and ad technology, said that there’s a change happening in the ad tech industry. He foresees a mass consolidation of ad technology platforms where instead of serving specific parts of the ecosystem, there will emerge single-platform technology from which both buyers and sellers of digital inventory can benefit.

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While this streamlined technology still doesn’t exist, there are already companies heading the race as illustrated in this infographic made by AppNexus. Still, most of these technologies do not directly address one major need for publishers: Increasing yield.

AdTech 2015 by AppNexus

What’s in it for Publishers?

What can publishers do in the meantime while the perfect ad tech platform is still a dream of the future? Publishers should focus their efforts on fully optimizing ad inventory to maximize revenue. Understand what header bidding is and how it fits your overall ad strategy.

The advertising ecosystem can be overwhelming, but it’s up to publishers to concentrate on managing and optimizing inventory. Need a trusted Google Certified Publisher Partner to optimize your ad inventory for you? Sign up to MonetizeMore today!

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