Publisher News Roundup: Ad Optimization Basics for August 2016

Publisher News Roundup: Ad Optimization Basics for August 2016

Publisher News Roundup: Ad Optimization Basics for August 2016

We saw a lot more changes last month in the ad scene, but we chose to focus primarily on optimization. Increasing auction fill rates, making users happier and decreasing ad blocking rates, making ad space more attractive, and a lot more. It’s all there below so have a look around and we hope it helps you in maximizing your ad revenue.


Filipino for Adsense Publishers: New Market Opportunity

This year we saw Adsense add language support for Filipino, one of the biggest and still fast rising audience online. Here we cover how publishers grow their business by tapping into the Philippine market.


How to Increase Auction Pressure in Ad Exchange

Looking to increase revenue through more investors in your ad network auctions? Look no further as we dive into some of the ways publishers can get higher fill rates and revenue gain.


How Publishers can Fight Ad Blocking by Going LEAN

Ad blocking – many a user has implemented this or at least considered doing so. And who can blame them, really? With the ever increasing rates of people using ad blockers, in this article we talk about LEAN principles on how to get a win-win scenario with users and combat ad blocking.


Video 11: What are DFP Line Item Priority Types?

In our 11th installment of our Learn2MonetizeMore series we talk about all the different line item priority types in DFP and how they are used in advertising. Definitely one of the most fundamental and important topics in this series. Subscribe to your YouTube Channel to follow the series.


7 Winning Tips to Make Your Ad Inventory Attractive to Ad Exchange Buyers

If you want to go big, then get Ad Exchange buyers in on your site. Maybe this isn’t happening because of your current ad inventory setup. In this article we talk about 7 proven ways to make your ad inventory more attractive.


Video 12: How to Create DFP Ad Units: Best Practices

Optimizing even down to the last detail is one of the keys to increasing performance . In this tutorial video we talk about optimizing the way you create ad units in DFP by following best practices. This could spell the difference between maximizing revenue potential and an underperforming setup.


How to Optimize Ad Formats in Ad Exchange

You can tell by now that we’re pretty obsessed with optimization. Check out the tips straight from our in house ad optimization team on how optimizing ad formats in Google Ad Exchange boosts ad performance.


Adx Updates: July to August 2016

This one talks about the new ad blocking rules from Doubleclick Ad Exchange, particularly retargeted ads. Read on to find out what these new rules are and how they ultimately affect your ad revenue.


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