Optimize Google Ads by Serving Other Ad Networks – Step 6

Like we said from the start, the best way in which you can optimize Google ads is with DFP. DFP was made for ad management with the competitive advantage of AdSense optimization. You are able to optimize AdSense much easier through DFP to a point that no ad management tool could even come close to matching. In addition to internal AdSense optimization, DFP allows online classifieds to splice in other ad networks.

This will show the single largest increase in AdSense RPM’s. Every time you add a new ad network you are squeezing the AdSense impressions. This is the same effect as opting into every ad type that AdSense has to offer. You are opening your online classified up to more advertisers. The more advertisers you have competing for the same impressions, the higher your RPM’s will be.

It is important to drive the internal competition of your ad inventory as high as possible. This methodology is proven by basic economic principles. As you can see the traffic is the supply. Let’s assume traffic stays the same so we can isolate the increase in advertisers. When you add new ad networks to your inventory, you increase the number of advertisers competing for your ad space. This represents an increase in demand for your ad space.

When demand increases and supply is restricted (Therefore and upwards shift for supply), the revenue grows. Since revenue is your X-axis and unsold ad impressions are your Y axis, the equilibrium is the RPM. Therefore, the more you grow demand the higher the RPM goes up. This is why opening your ad inventory to so many more ad networks yields results in higher RPM’s.

This means dramatic increases in ad revenue at the same traffic level. In fact, you will see higher AdSense revenues with fewer ad impressions. Whaaat!? You bet, the RPM’s will grow so much from all the above six steps, the increased variety and the growth in an internal competition that you’ll actually earn more from less. Check out a detailed explanation of this phenomenon here.

It would be a mistake to miss out on the opportunity to dramatically boost your ad revenues without traffic increases and only serve AdSense instead. There is a lot more money to be made for you AdSense buffs.

To learn more about how you can dramatically boost your ad revenues with a multi-pronged ad serving strategy, contact us here.

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