The Hottest Ways for Publishers to Activate First-Party Data [2022]

Last updated: January 4, 2022 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on January 4th, 2022

This year, Google Ad Manager released some of its new features that can make our publishing partners maintain direct relationships that are important to their businesses and utilize their first-party data in a way that can meet the audience’s expectations in protecting their data.

One of the features that have been released is a new functionality that gives the Publishers to share PPIDs (Publisher Provided Identifiers) with Google’s programmatic demand. With this new functionality, our partners can be able to show ads that are relevant to their audiences, which can help increase the value of their programmatic inventory.

PPIDs or Publisher Provided Identifiers allow publishers to send GAM an identifier for use in frequency capping, audience segmentation, and targeting, sequential ad rotation, and other audience-based ad delivery controls across devices. Some partners have experienced an improvement in their revenue after they tested PPID with Google’s programmatic demand.

Another one is a new feature that can help publishers securely share encrypted signals with Authorized Buyers and Open Bidders via GAM. Like with PPID with Google’s programmatic demand, encrypted signals from publishers allow publishers to share data directly with other trusted buyers.

Publishers who don’t want to use this new feature will have full control over what data is being shared and which bidder is receiving the signals. GAM will only route the signal on behalf of the publisher but it won’t be able to the signals.

According to them, they have made some progress based on the feedback that they have gathered from their partners, and in the coming months, more partners will be onboarded to test out the new feature.

Also, they will increase functionalities to include App and Video inventory. They are also doing some improvements in the GAM dashboard, which includes troubleshooting tools and other controls to make it easier for publishers and their partners to utilize this feature, and lastly, their goal is to make this new feature available to all in the coming months.

These are only some of the new features that have been unveiled this year, though these new features are not yet available to everyone but the positive feedback and progress speak for themselves. These new features can help and empower publishers to grow and progress.


Wrap Up

These new ways can take the first-party data activation game for publishers to another level. We hope that you find these new features helpful in your work!

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