MonetizeMore Special Series: Why I Choose to Work Remotely [5 ways to scale remote businesses]

Last updated: January 18, 2023 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on January 18th, 2023

Remote culture is an integral part of MonetizeMore’s DNA as the company has been thriving in the virtual environment for over 11 years now. Although creating a remote work environment might be challenging at first, it goes a long way in helping your company improve employee satisfaction, save costs and boost productivity. The pandemic showed us how so many companies could rise to the challenge and pivot to remote culture quickly.

Kean Graham, CEO, MonetizeMore talks about scaling remote workplace culture as he sparked an 8-figure business: 

Here are the top 5 non-negotiables to scaling a successful remote business based on our experience:

1. Be data-driven & goal-oriented

In order to achieve success as a remote business, it’s important to be data-driven and goal-oriented. This means tracking your progress and results regularly, so you can make informed decisions on what steps to take next. It also means setting realistic goals and working towards them consistently. With the right approach, you can scale your remote business to great heights!

2. Don’t compromise on reliability

If your business is successful, you’re probably always looking for ways to scale it up. One common trap businesses fall into is sacrificing reliability in order to save time or money. As you pursue growth, don’t forget the importance of reliability.

3. Hire candidates that are passionate about remote work lifestyle

Recent stats claim that 83% of remote employees feel more productive when working from home. Additionally, 89% of managers believe that employees who work remotely are more productive than those who don’t. With the right team in place, your business can thrive in this digital age!

4. In-person company retreats matter

Remote team retreats are usually longer–often a week or more–and tend to include more work-related presentations and discussions rather than just social interactions. As this time is often the only opportunity for a remote team to get together, it’s the ideal time for planning and long-term discussions regarding long-term company goals.

5. Commit to remote-first or no remote at all

If you’re thinking of implementing a remote work policy, it’s important to commit to it fully or don’t do it at all. That’s the lesson one company learned the hard way after instituting a remote-only policy and then rescinding it a few months later. So before making the change, be sure that your management team and employees are on board with and excited about working remotely. Otherwise, you may find yourself dealing with a lot of disgruntled workers.

Check out what our leadership at MonetizeMore has to say about their experience of establishing and thriving in remote-first company culture.

Kean Graham, CEO, and Founder

MonetizeMore Special Series: Why I Choose to Work Remotely [5 ways to scale remote businesses] MonitizeMore

“Once I realized the opportunity to travel the world while growing MonetizeMore, the world became a lot smaller. I was like a child on Christmas Day. I could go anywhere I chose for as long as I pleased. I no longer look forward to it. I am always exactly where I want to be.

The privilege of being location independent has allowed me to be part of unique experiences such as touring a maximum-security prison in Bolivia, biking the most dangerous road in the world, experiencing Carnaval in Brazil, getting too close to a pride of 10 lions in the wild eating a freshly caught buffalo in Botswana.

11+ years after being laid off from my job, I’ve been able to engineer my ideal lifestyle while running one of the top ad tech companies in the world. I know I’m not done yet….”

Julio Monzon, President, and COO

MonetizeMore Special Series: Why I Choose to Work Remotely [5 ways to scale remote businesses] MonitizeMore

“Over five years ago, I left a secure, high-paying job to become a partner/executive at MonetizeMore. On paper, this looked like a significant risk, but I saw it as an opportunity to work in an agile startup, make a difference, and architect my work schedule in a way that was impossible before.

Since I started working remotely, my health has improved dramatically, I’ve discovered my love for Salsa and Bachata while living in Colombia, I’ve gotten to see my birth country (Peru) play in the 2018 World Cup, and I’ve had the pleasure of working from idyllic beaches on the Mediterranean.

I’ve also grown tremendously as a professional and entrepreneur. Being responsible for the growth of the company to 140+ people working from 5 continents has shown me that I can accomplish anything!”

Jose Zarazua, CTO

MonetizeMore Special Series: Why I Choose to Work Remotely [5 ways to scale remote businesses] MonitizeMore

“As the CTO of MonetizeMore, I have the opportunity to build world-class software every single day. Knowing that I don’t have to be in The Bay Area, Toronto, or wherever tech startups congregate to develop world-class software is empowering. I live in Canada with my wife and my little boy, but I have a lot of friends and most of my family in Mexico.

Every year around Christmas, we go there for at least a month. Having a long break from the bone-chilling Canadian winter is a big plus of working remotely. One of the greatest perks of being able to work remotely is the flexibility to be with my 1-year-old. All parents reading this know how demanding kids that age can be and how crucial that age is in their overall development.

Thanks to remote working, I’ve been able to successfully implement a vegan diet that has boosted my health and focus. I’ve also started using a treadmill desk, which I personally think beats a boring office desk setup any day!”

Felirose Griffey, Director, Business Operations

MonetizeMore Special Series: Why I Choose to Work Remotely [5 ways to scale remote businesses] MonitizeMore

“After finishing college and passing the board exam, I wasted no time and immediately joined the workforce. I used to have the impression that dressing up & working in a huge company office is every job seeker’s dream. It took me a few good years before I realized I wanted something better – a job that goes wherever you go (plus pays well).

I remember having a Skype interview with Kean (CEO) on my birthday, and here I am ~6 yrs later. Reporting to work here is like going to the gym where you develop another muscle. There’s something new you learn every single time. The bosses treat you like a friend, and that sense of belonging inspires you to do your best.

I spend most of the days working from home but I go to a cafe or coworking space at least once or twice a week. When at home, I start my day brewing my favorite coffee & watch the news. I use lunch breaks for a quick workout or take our dog for a walk. Once or twice a year, my husband and I get to travel to a different country. Well, he has to file for leave, I don’t 🙂 There’s no more stress over being late for work, commuting, dressing up, looking good, etc. My life is more decluttered and simplified.”

What are your thoughts on remote work culture? Let us know in the comments section below. Subscribe to the MonetizeMore blog for publisher resources, guides, and ad-tech news. Stay tuned for more!

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