How to Use the New Adsense Revenue Profile

A new revenue report on AdSense has been developed! Starting last month, February 23, 2015, AdSense publishers can now experience a more detailed report compared to the old one that only showed average ad request RPM. This new Revenue report will give you the RPM of the top performing ads on your site.

revenue profile report

What’s in it for publishers?

  1. Publishers will now be able to see the progress of their high paying ads on their site.
  2. You’ll be able to properly optimize your ads based on the report.
  3. You can monitor your weekly coverage.

In order to up your revenue from your ads, here are some actionable tips to try:

  1. Be sure that your site is compliant with Google policy. When this part is cleared, you can then place the AdSense code to all compliant pages.
  2. Consider implementing interest-based ads on your site.
  3. Partner with the right ad networks and brands in order to compete Adsense with third-party ads on your site
  4. Make sure to show text and image ads to have higher CTR
  5. People nowadays are visiting sites via mobile so do not just stick to desktop optimization. Have a multi-screen friendly site and use Adsense’ responsive ads. This way you can monetize your mobile traffic as well.

This new and improved revenue profile on AdSense can be seen once your tags are all active and start generating revenue. Google is continuing to improve the whole revenue profile for a better experience for all their publishers.

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