How Publishers Can Improve Their Approach To Social Media In 2018

How Publishers Can Improve Their Approach To Social Media In 2018

Since the recent Facebook algorithm update which favors personal content over that of branded/publisher content, website publishers have had to shift gears. Many publishers who relied too heavily on Facebook have lost tons of traffic and some, even their business.

Diversification is critical in 2018. However, your approach to social media, the messages you share, and strategy have to improve if you are to make social media a successful part of your traffic plan again. In this video, we take a closer look at some key aspects of successful social media marketing and traffic generation in 2018.

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Video transcription

Facebook’s latest update which limits branded content in the news feed has had publishers rethinking their approach.

Often the focus on social platforms has been publishing clickbait content.

Some publishers have mastered the art of generating awareness, but have neglected user engagement.

However, in 2018, to successfully use social media as a traffic source publishers and brands need to create content that connects with users.

Focus on the following if you want social media to be a part of your traffic strategy in 2018:

Turn from a product to people focus

When it comes to Facebook’s news feed and branded content, it can still show up but it heavily depends on user engagement.

Put your customers first by creating helpful and engaging content that indirectly promotes your products and website.

This way engagement will increase, posts will get more shares and drive more traffic to your website.

Approach social media from a social user’s perspective

Utilize the power of social media to learn about trending topics and concerns users or prospects might have.

Create content around these topics and try to solve issues they are facing.

Be sure to test different types of content and not let specific preferences rule your strategy.

If one type of content fails, but another finds success, just move on and create more of the latter.

When fueling social with paid campaigns, customize.

User attention is short.

Don’t waste time and money thinking that driving awareness with a paid social campaign is enough.

You need users to engage with your message.

Be sure to segment audiences and create custom creatives tailored to each specific audience to increase engagement and traffic.

Leverage the power of influencers

Influencers often know audiences better than the brands or publishers trying to reach them.

On average influencers are trusted 40% more than brands.

Including influencers in your social media strategy will undoubtedly increase engagement for your campaigns.

Don’t just focus on one platform

Many social media platforms exist that can drive a steady amount of traffic, not just Facebook.

Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube are a few to consider.


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