Google Publisher Toolbar discontinued from May 2020

Google Publisher Toolbar discontinued from May 2020

Google wants to continue to simplify its tools and product offerings for AdSense users. They want to reduce as much complexity as possible and empower publishers to create fantastic content. Keeping up with this mission, they’ve decided to discontinue the Google Publisher Toolbar in May 2020.

Publishers will still be able to see data that was displayed with the Google Publisher Toolbar through the AdSense interface. As a replacement for the toolbar, Google recommends using the AdSense homepage reports for earnings info, the Ad review center for blocking of ads and reporting issues, and the homepage card for Google Analytics data.

Are you still looking for a toolbar or extension to help with troubleshooting your ads?

No need to look further! MonetizeMore has developed a free Chrome extension called PubGuru Ad Inspector (PGAI) to serve all your ad optimization needs. PGAI boasts a range of impressive features that publishers can use on any site.

You can analyze a website’s ad setup, diagnose a variety of issues such as page load, timeout, bidders, check for GDPR compliance, header bidding, check log data, and much more.

We’ve created a few guides to show you just how easy it is to use PubGuru Ad Inspector and incorporate it into your toolbox. Take a look below:

-Find out why your ads are blank


-How to debug your header bidding set up

bid timeout optimize

-How to make sure your ad placements are GDPR compliant

gdpr compliant

-Discover how header bidding is slowing down your site

bid response times

Start analyzing and troubleshooting your ads today! Download our free PubGuru Ad Inspector Chrome extension now!

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