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Last updated: August 26, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Free Publisher Dashboard Google Analytics

This post was most recently updated on August 26th, 2019

This holiday season, MonetizeMore is bringing 12 gifts of awesomeness to our dear publishers and blog readers. Follow the series as we publish 12 amazing blog posts, infographics, plus additional monetization freebies just for you. If you want to receive the ebook edition, subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll email your 2015 holiday gift.

As part of our #12GiftsForPublishers holiday series, we’ve built a free Google Analytics Publisher Dashboard report template that you can use as you measure website and AdSense performance. It’s specifically tailored to publishers who are looking for an in-depth analysis of their traffic, content performance, and revenue metrics.

Here are the main elements of the Publisher Dashboard:

  1. Traffic vs Publisher Revenue Trend
  2. Publisher Revenue
  3. Publisher CTR
  4. Adsense eCPM vs AdX eCPM
  5. Monetized Pageviews
  6. Most Profitable Keywords
  7. Top Monetization Sources
  8. Top Monetization Pages
  9. Most Engaging Content
  10. Unique Visitors
  11. Pageviews
  12. Bounce Rate

Access the Publisher Dashboard template here:

After clicking the link above, just follow each step prompt to connect to your site profile.

Happy analyzing!
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