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Last updated: January 4, 2022 | by Kean Graham

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Hello and welcome to our new Learn to Monetize More Video series.  I’m Megan and today we’ll show you how to create a DoubleClick for Publishers (or DFP) account so that you can begin using Google’s industry-leading ad serving platform.

This is the first of several videos we’ve created that will tackle a mix of old and new topics that cater to both beginner and intermediate DFP users. Our videos will attempt to teach you how to harness the full power of DFP in order to optimize your site’s ad performance.

We have various sample use cases and practical step-by-step formats to help you become more knowledgeable with DFP. In this first lesson, we will teach you how to create a DFP account so you can begin your journey in mastering DFP.

Step-by-Step Process in Setting up a DFP Account


Step by Step Guide on How to Setup a DFP Account

Read the full step-by-step text transcript

Acquiring a DFP account is simple.  The only requirement is that you have a Google Adsense account.  First, log into your Adsense account. Then in another tab in your browser navigate to DFP’s main page.

Before you can continue, you must first verify your account.  Please follow the instructions that are given. Next, you’re going to select your display language, country, time zone, and currency. After that, you’ll need to accept the terms and local settings.

Once you’ve chosen these settings you can no longer change them, so we advise you put a bit of thought into them.  Again, you cannot change your country, region, time zone, or currency once is chosen.

Many of the other settings, such as receiving periodic alerts and notifications, can be changed.  Now that you’re set up with your account you can create ad units, orders, and line items.  We’ll be covering all these procedures and more in our future videos.

Next DFP Tutorial: How to Create Adx Tags in Doubleclick Ad Exchange

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