DFP Tutorial: How to Create an Ad Exchange Order in DFP #Learn2MonetizeMore

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Hi everyone and welcome to the Learn to Monetize More video series.  I’m Megan and today we’ll continue to work with Google Ad Exchange in conjunction with DFP by creating an AdX order.

Previously in this series, we taught you how to create an Adsense order with DFP. This time, we’re going to teach you how to create an order for Ad Exchange. It’s better to do this right after completing all your Adsense orders. Both Adsense and Ad Exchange are Google products and seamlessly tie in with DFP.

We’ll also discuss the nuances of an Ad Exchange order setup when compared to setting up Adsense orders. After finishing with this tutorial, you’ll be able to comfortably create orders for both Ad Exchange and Adsense.

  1. If you have an AdSense account, make sure to create orders for them before creating any Ad Exchange Order
  2. Log-in to your DFP account
  3. Go to the Delivery tab
  4. Click New Order
  5. Input the name for your Order – Remember that the order name should be unique in your network
  6. Select Google Ad Exchange – Make sure to select Google AdX ad network in the selection
  7. Go to New line item from within the order for your ad tag
  8. Open the document where you placed your Ad Exchange tags – If you haven’t created any Ad Exchange tags, go to the Creating Google Ad Exchange Tags tutorial
  9. Copy-paste the first ad tag name you previously made – For example, an ad tag can be named “ch1_AdX_MonetizeMore_top_728x90
  10. Select the corresponding inventory size of your ad tag
  • For this example, it’s 728 x 90
  • Make sure that the inventory size selected is the same as the one specified in the ad tag

     11. Check Allow same advertiser option

     12. Scroll down to the Settings section

     13. In the Type selection, choose Ad Exchange – You can adjust the delivery settings but it’s optional

     14. Proceed to the Add Targeting section

     15. Select Inventory

     16. Click Ad units – It will pull up the units previously created in Ad Exchange

     17. Look for the corresponding tag or tags, select it, and click include

     18. Scroll down and click on Save and upload creatives

     19. Get the ad code for the unit.

  • You can either get it from your saved file or get the code from your Ad Exchange account
  • In this case, I’m going to get it from the Ad Exchange account

      20. Copy-paste the code in the box below New Creative

      21. Input the size as the name

  • In this case, it’s 728 x 90
  • Make sure not to make changes in the code or else it won’t work properly

     22. Click Save

23. Now we just need to approve the order

     24. Click the Delivery tab on top

      25. Click on the order. As you can see, the status of the order is Pending approval

      26. Click Approve – Now the order is ready to be served

      27. If you have AdSense line items, it will compete along with Ad Exchange line items set at the lower priority or the same priority to maximize yield.

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